The Young Turks, the largest online news show in the world generating over 200 million monthly views with over 3.8 million YouTube subscribers, was looking for a way to give their paying members a premium super-fan experience to deepen the relationship, give members a greater sense of connecting to the brand, and enhance word-of-mouth.
TYT used Shindig’s interactive platform to host a live online video chat town hall with Cenk Uygur, awarding members the chance to engage with Cenk face-to-face as well connect and video chat with one another. Cenk kicked off the virtual town hall event with a slide presentation of pre-submitted member questions through Shindig’s multimedia feature. Audience members were broadcasted on stage to discuss the submitted questions and dig deeper into the issues. Afterward, Cenk opened the floor to any and all questions.
Over 70 TYT paying members attended the event and were able to talk one-on-one with Cenk about various topics spanning from Tim Canova, TYT expansion plans, and Cenk’s POV on Jordan Peterson. Cenk ended the town hall celebrating TYT's members with a sincere thank you, sharing his gratitude for the members “spreading the message and keeping hope alive."