YouTube Super Star, Emily Lee was looking to take her fan engagement to the next level. To do so, Emily partnered with Sephora, InfluenceLogic, and Shindig to host a live online audience Q&A. The event celebrated her fans by giving them the opportunity to meet her face-to-face, ask any questions, engage with each other, and win Sephora gift cards.
Using Shindig’s tech, Emily brought her admirers up to the stage one-by-one to ask questions and directly speak with her and the rest of the audience. She also opened up the “text question” feature, providing her shy fans a voice. Emily deepened the relationship with her audience, getting to know them individually, joking with them, and making a personal connection social media alone cannot deliver.
Fans were immediately starstruck when they realized they were actually talking face-to-face with Emily and were further entertained by their collective conversation. Participants rapidly spoke with each other through the event’s chat box and self-initiated private video chats, buzzing about their questions and even more so Emily’s answers. With over 650 attendees, this influencer bridged the divide and created an experience her fans will never forget.